CU Teach Engineering

Putting the “E” in Secondary School STEM Education

Dreams2The GE+ CU Teach Engineering concentration is uniquely designed to prepare graduates to earn secondary science or math teacher licensure, providing a flexible and multi-faceted professional engineering practice and teaching career pathway. The GE+ CU Teach Engineering program integrates design-focused engineering curriculum, extensive science or math content, education pedagogy courses, and student teaching to create qualified STEM educators that develop and hone the scientific, mathematical, engineering and technological literacy of grades 7-12 students.


The GE+ CU Teach Engineering concentration requires completion of a science (physics, chemistry or biology) or math focus, education pedagogy courses, and a ninth semester of in-depth student teaching – extending the 128 credit hour General Engineering Plus degree to nine semesters.

Interested? Explore Step 1 (EDUC 2020): a 1 credit teaching exploration course giving you real curriculum development and instructional experience in local elementary schools. There is no obligation to apply to the School of Education to take this course. Try it to see if teaching is in your future!

Please note that students who continue with the GE+ CU Teach Engineering program must meet CU Teach program requirements and will require an admission application in the sophomore year. Learn more about the CU Teach program and admission requirements here.