GE+ CU Teach Engineering Math

General Engineering Plus CU Teach Math is designed to attract students interested in a design-rich engineering degree applicable to an engineering career, with the ability to also become a secondary Mathematics teacher. This degree option arms grades 7-12 Math educators with the scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical literacy necessary to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and engineering subjects in middle and high schools.

The General Engineering Plus CU Teach Math degree requires 53-60 engineering credit hours (depending on the disciplinary emphasis area chosen), 31 math credit hours, 13-14 science credit hours, 18 humanities credit hours and 23 CU Teach education credit hours, including a culminating semester-long student teaching experience in a middle or high school science or math classroom as required by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE).

Math content requirements as follows:


General Engineering + CU Teach Engineering Math nine-semester sample curriculum:

Aerospace Emphasis CU Teach Engineering Math
Architectural Emphasis CU Teach Engineering Math
Civil Emphasis CU Teach Engineering Math
Environmental Emphasis CU Teach Engineering Math
Mechanical Emphasis CU Teach Engineering Math

All GE+ CU Teach Engineering students complete the following educational content: