Technology, Arts & Media Concentration

The Technology, Arts & Media (TAM) concentration  complements the GE+ design, core and disciplinary emphasis courses. This concentration provides a broad multidisciplinary perspective that integrates technological skills with a critical, theoretical and historical understanding of technology, arts and media—intended for students who wish to pursue careers and research related to digital media.

Required (three courses – 9 credit hours, taken in sequence)
HUEN 2020 or ATLS 2000 (3) The Meaning of Information Technology
Surveys the history of information technologies and modern techniques of information production, storage, transmission and retrieval. Emphasizes understanding not only the technological transformations in interpersonal, organizational, and mass communication, but also the technological, social and political changes that underlie the movement toward a digital society. ATLS 2000 is restricted to TAM and GE+ students.

ATLS 3010 (3) Digital Media 1
Introduces techniques, software and related concepts of digital design and image making through individual and group projects. Emphasizes digital animation, digital audio, digital video, and website design and development as a means to formal and expressive ends. Introduces critical readings and theories related to digital media practice. Pre-requisites:  HUEN 2020 or ATLS 2000. Restricted to TAM and GE+ students.

ATLS 3020 (3) Digital Media 2
Introduces students to advanced digital media development including interactive programming, scripting and database functionality. Emphasizes a historical and conceptual understanding of programming and computational theories. Pre-requisites:  HUEN 2020 or ATLS 2000 and ATLS 3010. Restricted to TAM minors and GE+ majors.

Invention and Practice 4000-level Elective (choose one course from the following – 3 credit hours):
ATLS 4010 (3) Capstone Projects
Focuses on the development of an individual thesis project. Class sessions feature lectures, demonstrations, guest speakers, lab sessions and critiques. This course entails group work, portfolio development, critical theoretical readings and a significant written component. Pre-requisites:  HUEN 2020 or ATLS 2000, ATLS 3010, and ATLS 3020. Restricted to TAM minors and GE+ majors.

ATLS 4519 (1-3) Advanced Special Topics in Technology, Arts, and Media
Analyzes special interest areas of multidisciplinary technology, arts and media research and practice. May be repeated to get to 3 credit hours for the GE+ concentration. Prerequisite:  instructor consent. Recommended pre-requisites:  HUEN 2020 or ATLS 2000, ATLS 3010, and ATLS 3020.

ATLS 4809 (3) Computer Animation
Develops a firm understanding of the principles of computer animation. Lectures cover the creation of models, materials, textures, surfaces and lighting. Path and key frame animation, particle dynamics, and rendering are also introduced, and students will carry out a number of animation tutorials.